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Hear Their Stories

Some of those who've experienced racial harassment are willing to share their stories to spark change. Here, we share some stories that were submitted to us, and others that were publicly reported, to underscore the urgency of creating protections for students and teachers now.


Amari - Marion

When 15 year old Amari's track coach used racially derogatory language, Amari was humiliated and told to turn in her uniform after she reported the incident to school officials. The teacher was told to complete diversity training and transferred to another school, but the harm was never repaired.

JK - South Suburbs

Anxious about delivering a class presentation on discrimination to an audience she had heard use racial slurs regularly, JK reported the incident to a school official - only to be told that she needed to listen to and respect her classmates' "opinions."

girl presenting.png

CSZ - Wilmington

A student (identified by his initials for privacy) was the target of racial bullying as one of just a few students of color in his community. Beginning in third grade, the harassment escalated to threats of physical violence after reports to school officials went unaddressed. He was forced to transfer to an alternative school to complete eighth grade.


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